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BEach Service Can Be Booked Individually. According To Your Requirements.

We offer the entire process chain from development, planning to implementation and follow-up of events in the healthcare sector. The conceptual design takes place in close coordination with our customers in order to successfully implement your individual needs and requirements. In the planning phase, we find the right location for you, coordinate experts and participants, create a milestone plan and take care of the budgeting. We supervise your event on site and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Each step of the process chain can also be booked individually as a module. According to your requirements.

This part covers the organization and registration process of participants as well as the submission of documents for accreditation of CME events.. Simplicity is more important than ever these days. We make it a priority to enable participants to register in just a few steps. We offer a customized solution for the entire registration process. This includes, for example, creating and designing the registration page, managing participant data, generating certificates of attendance and processing payments. Immediately after the event, we can send automated certificates of attendance including CME points. Professional participant management improves the efficiency and transparency of event organization and is the basis for satisfied and informed participants.

We understand that a successful event requires not only well-organized logistics and an appealing program, but also effective fundraising and marketing. Our fundraising services include identifying and approaching potential sponsors and partners and creating fundraising campaigns. We help our clients optimize their budget and enhance their event experience through sponsor and partner support.

In addition to funding, marketing is another important aspect of an event's success. We help our clients create a comprehensive marketing strategy that targets the event's audience and uses the right channels to capture the attention of potential attendees. Through the use of social media, email marketing, press releases and advertising, we can ensure that the event is promoted appropriately and reaches a high number of participants.

Overall, our fundraising and marketing services help ensure that the event is a complete success, increases awareness and achieves the desired results.

We offer comprehensive technical support for live, hybrid and virtual events using the latest technology.
We have experienced and professional technicians to handle all aspects of technical implementation and ensure that the event runs flawlessly. Tech management and direction includes planning and coordinating all technical aspects of an event, including technical equipment, stage decor, lighting, audio and video production, and post-production services.

Nowadays it is impossible to imagine life without professional videos. We offer a wide range of services, which range from planning and conducting interviews with experts to advertising trailers.
Our experienced cameramen and video specialists help our clients to present their message in a professional and effective way. We also offer the creation of animated videos, training videos and much more. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements and develop the ideal solution for their needs.

Submit, rate, summarize abstracts - with the features of our abstract management system, everything is possible and, above all, fast + efficient.We ensure a smooth submission process and effective evaluation of abstracts. 

You need support in planning your events for a certain period of time? We are happy to take over these tasks in your organization and compensate for personnel capacity bottlenecks in your company. 

With our long-standing partners, we take over the planning and implementation of media communication and public relations measures for you. This includes, for example, the creation of PR strategies, press releases, the development of a social media campaignand the maintenance of online channels as well as the organization of press conferences.
Successful implementation contributes to the positive presentation of the event and the level of awareness.

Association management includes the secretariat of professional associations, i.e. the assumption of administrative and organizational tasks such as membership administration, invoice management and the organization of events. 

Results measure the success of your event. Successful documentation is therefore just as much a part of our service as professional feedback management. In terms of your future planning, we want to become even better and more efficient in order to inspire you again and again.