Basic Course in Aviation Medicine

Online: 28-29 September 2024 & On-site: 13 – 17 October 2024 in Salzburg

The Austrian Aviation Medicine Institute is an association of aeromedical examiners, aviation psychologists, medical specialists and aviation professionals working to create, deliver and support aerospace medicine training. AAMI’s goal is to deliver core knowledge to train AMEs of the next generation. Our courses are structured to train physicians and mental health specialists to meet the demands of the civil aviation authorities, the aviation industry and upcoming aerospace missions.

Our focus is on the application of aviation medicine best practice in support of pilots, flight engineers, mission specialists, cabin crew and air traffic controllers.

Flight safety is our key mission and the driving force behind all we do.

Training in Aviation Medicine

As per EASA regulations, training courses in aviation medicine referred to in MED.D.010(b) and MED.D.015(c) shall only be provided after the prior approval of the course by Austro Control GmbH, the competent authority of the member State, Austria, where the training organization, Austrian Aerospace Medicine Institute, has its principal place of business.

Training organization

Austrian Aerospace Medicine Institute– AAMI, a subsidiary of AeMC Salzburg and OrthoTeam Salzburg GmbH.


To obtain regulatory approval, the training organization, AAMI, shall demonstrate that the course syllabus contains the learning objectives to impart the necessary competencies and that the faculty have adequate knowledge of the subject matter and applicable clinical experience.

Except in the case of refresher training, the courses shall be concluded by a written examination on the subjects included in the course content.

The training organization, AAMI, shall issue a certificate of competency to participants when they have met the training requirements and have passed the examination of a basic or advanced course in aviation medicine and or attended an accredited refresher training course.

Price: 2160.00 €

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